The Team behind RE-ZIP

A Strong Team

based in the heart of Aarhus

Founder & CEO

Bo Bach Boddum

Bo manage the office and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Additionally, he stays ahead when it comes to business development and project coordination.

Tlf: +45 60 70 70 90


Thomas Fugl

Thomas has an extensive background in managing medium and large companies, nationally as well as internationally. Thomas will use his array of experience to help RE-ZIP move forward on the strategic part of the journey.

Tlf: +45 20 34 03 14


Rasmus Søstrøm

When Rasmus is not studying Experience Economy at the University of Aarhus, he works with RE-ZIP to find new circular packaging partners as well as taking part in everything related to business development, where he manages various product-and business development projects.



Anne-Sofie Holst Hessner

As part of her education in Commerce Management, Anne-Sofie takes her internship at RE-ZIP, where she responds to inquiries from companies and private customers and is responsible for marketing, PR, and social media.

Tlf: +45 60 68 64 70

Content creator

Marie Hav

When Marie is not studying multiplatform storytelling and production, she creates content for RE-ZIP’s social media and website.


Christian Boye

After school, Christian helps out at the RE-ZIP warehouse, where he makes sure that everything looks neat and tidy and that the packaging is filled up on the shelves. Also, he is the one who quality checks the packaging and cleans them so they are ready for even more circulation.



Karina Jøhnke

When Karina is not in high school, she packs the many shipments of RE-ZIP packaging that needs to be sent to our partners, when they are low in their existing stock.


How RE-ZIP came to be

A small company with big ambitions for the future

A Better Alternative to Disposable Packaging

RE-ZIP was founded in 2018 in response to the immense amount of disposable packaging consumed by e-commerce annually. This amount of waste created by e-commerce is not only incredibly wasteful in resources, but also a nuisance for the consumers, who are struggling to get rid of the disposable packaging afterward.

The large amounts of waste generated by the growing e-commerce, along with an overflowing garbage-can made RE-ZIP’s founder Bo Bach Boddum wonder how packaging could be circular and designed to not be thrown away after use.

As a young man, Bo had a job where he cleaned used cardboard boxes so that they could be used again. And later as an adult, he worked in one of Denmark’s leading development houses. Therefore, the solution seemed straightforward.

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“The packaging must be rethought and designed so that it can be folded into a format that accommodates the consumer’s handling of the packaging.”
– Bo Bach Boddum

To find a viable alternative to conventional disposable packaging, RE-ZIP realized that both a flexible bag and a hard box would have to be developed to accommodate the different types of products. The obvious infrastructure for getting the packaging returned was the International Postal Union, which allows return shipping across 30 countries. The challenge was that although most bags can be folded to fit in the letter slot of a mailbox, the box packaging is a much bigger challenge because it must be robust to protect the product while also being flexible enough to fold so that it fits in the letter slot of a mailbox.

Two Years of Development
Established packaging manufacturers were not particularly interested in contributing to the development of reusable shipping packaging. Therefore friends and acquaintances became involved instead. After two years of folding cardboard boxes in their spare time, the solution was in place. Quickly hereafter the patent was secured, and the position as Senior Project Manager at Vestas was replaced with life as an entrepreneur.After a busy period with the production of new packaging, software development, and the hunt for webshops that wanted to try the packaging, RE-ZIP officially launched in October 2018 with ten webshops.In the beginning, the returned packaging was cleaned outside in Bo’s private garage, and the office was in the private home as well. A little while later, the business outgrew the private garage, and in August 2019, Bo rented a storage room for storing and cleaning of the packaging.

One Turns into Four
Since then things have moved quickly. In April 2020, Thomas Fugl became part of the ownership circle. And later in August 2020, the RE-ZIP office moved out of Bo’s private home and into an office space in downtown Aarhus, where the team that now counts four works on improving the packaging, so in the future, it is even more environmental-friendly, easier to return and cheaper for the consumer.

A Timeline of RE-ZIP’s Journey

2016: The idea for RE-ZIP arises

2018, February: RE-ZIP receives its patent

2018, May: RE-ZIP is founded in Bo’s garage

2018, October: RE-ZIP is officially launched with ten webshops

2019, August: A warehouse is rented, and RE-ZIP gets its first employee

2019, November: Cooperation agreement with PostNord

2020, April: Thomas Fugl becomes part of the ownership circle

2020, July: The team now counts five people

2020, August: RE-ZIP gets an office in downtown Aarhus