RE-ZIP’s unique packaging, IT platform, and infrastructure are the solution to several of the issues companies encounter when reducing the consumption of disposable packaging. That is why RE-ZIP is happy to establish collaborations that go beyond the core product, which is circular packaging for e-commerce.

rezip production in denmarkrezip production in denmark

RE-ZIP packagings are produced in Denmark

JAN 2021

RE-ZIP forms a partnership with the danish correctional facility which means that the production of RE-ZIP packaging will be produced environmentally and socially sustainable. Forward will the main part of our packaging be produced in Denmark and be a fast part of the socializing work in the danish correctional facility. The production is set to train the inmates, develop their social and professional competencies and motivate them to take responsibility for their own lives within the framework of society.

The partnership gives us a HUGE smile and we are very proud because the production of our packaging hopefully helps the inmates further – a life without criminality.

The danish correctional officer is also pronouncing: “In addition to having their products produced locally, RE-ZIP is taking an essential social responsibility, which is about helping criminals move on to a life without crime and to a society with less crime and more individuals who participate actively in the society”.

sustainable conceptsustainable concept

Circular packaging to a circular clothing concept

NOV 2020

The concept about Rentista is basically that you can rent your clothes instead of owning it. The concept is known very well worldwide but Rentista was the first mover to do this in Denmark. It’s all about reducing the buy-and-throw-out behavior, and instead, try to prolong the product life cycle by using it again and again. We are at the RE-ZIP team so happy to hear the way Rentista is making use of the circular business. Therefore, RE-ZIP and Rentista are going into a partnership to make the whole concept more sustainable.

RE-ZIP has made recycled packagings that is based on our patented design. The packaging is strong enough for recycling and very easy to furl when it is not being used. It means that Rentista will be able to supply sustainability packaging, and the project will be able to reduce the utilities of clothing and single-use packaging. All things considered, two different companies with two different products/services but one common ground to contribute to a better conversion.

reuse rezipreuse rezip

Used RE-ZIP packaging gets new life

MARCH 2020

Although the RE-ZIP packaging is maintained and cleaned on an ongoing basis, it does not last forever. But even though some are no longer suitable for use in e-commerce, they can easily serve another purpose, and thus do even more good for the environment. A good example is the Butts movements, where they use them to collect waste.

postnord deliverypostnord delivery

Postnord launches RE-ZIP packaging for private consumers

OCT. 2019

RE-ZIP is no longer reserved for webshops because now private consumers are also able to choose reusable packaging when sending packages. To begin with, this will be offered in 200 selected post offices in Denmark. RE-ZIP has designed special packaging that can be used when sending packages between private individuals. The used packaging can be returned in the same way as ordinary RE-ZIP packaging. RE-ZIP is responsible for cleaning and quality assuring it before the packaging is offered in the post office again.