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– For the earth and your business

With RE-ZIP, your webshop can save on packaging costs, increase customer retention, and give the customer a sustainable alternative which decreases CO2 emission by up to 87%

About the product

It’s that easy

The RE-ZIP loop shows how a single unit of packaing is reused again and again

The RE-ZIP loop

When the customer chooses RE-ZIP in your store, you pack the products in our packaging and ship as normal. After having received the package, the customer returns the packaging to us and receives a voucher to your business, increasing customer retention. We then ready the packaging for the next shipment, so it can be used again and again…

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    Super easy to implement


    We have been super happy to switch to RE-ZIP as out partner in packaging, as it helps us to ensure that a greater part of our supply chain is sustainable. It is a cardboard box which replaces a cardboard box, so the climate impact is reduced already by the 2nd circulation. Besides, it was super easy to implement without the use of developers, and it gives increased customer retention through vouchers.

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    Quality and sustainability goes hand in hand


    Our customers love the RE-ZIP circular packaging! Since we introduced RE-ZIP on our webstore in january 2022, more than 70% of our customers have opted into the circular packaging. It is important for ZENZ to ensure quality and be environmentally friendly, and luckily these are values we share with RE-ZIP!

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